Body Balancing

Introducing the Body Ballancer®

The Body Ballancer® is a versatile, relaxing and invigorating compression therapy system.  Adapted from the proven principles of manual lymphatic drainage massage by the world’s leading manufacturer of medical pressotherapy devices, it delivers a multifaceted, effective answer to a number of body issues.

The Body Ballancer® provides excellent results in the battle against cellulite, loss of skin tone and is superb in helping to achieve optimal health. Regular use of the Body Ballancer® promotes a healthy lymphatic system, essential in the elimination of the waste and toxins that
result from the body’s natural metabolic process.

Photographs show actual results after using
Body Ballancer® 3 times a week over 4 weeks

A course of Body Ballancer® massages will reduce the appearance of cellulite, slimming, fi rming, toning and smoothing the skin and reducing volume in the abdomen, upper arms,

buttocks and legs, that are often affected by fluid retention. Ballancer® also boosts circulation, bringing healthy oxygenated blood to the treated areas that combined with the massage action, helps to effectively breakdown the build-up and appearance of cellulite.

The gentle rhythmic action of the Body Ballancer® also promotes deep relaxation, helps alleviate symptoms of stress and improves sleep quality.

How it works

The Body Ballancer® uses patent protected inflating compression garments to apply a gentle or firm massage. Each garment contains 24 individual air chambers that overlap to apply fluent compression strokes that target every inch of the treated area.

This massage motion, with its special direction of flow, increases circulation and gently but thoroughly decongests the problem areas of hips, thighs, buttocks (Ballancer® pants) and upper arms (Ballancer® jacket).

The Body Ballancer® action accelerates the removal of waste products and excess fluid via the lymphatic system, reducing the appearance of cellulite, improving skin tone, and reducing volume in areas affected by excess fluid retention whilst Its gentle, rhythmic action promotes relaxation.

Proven technology

The Body Ballancer® is a revolution in aesthetic compression treatment, or ‘pressotherapy’. After 35 years as the global market leader in medical pneumatic compression therapy, the Israeli based manufacturer Mego Afek have been able to combine their years of medical research, cutting edge technology and clinically proven results to the aesthetic market in the form of the Body Ballancer®.



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Price List

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Body Balancing Treatments

Treatment 45 Minutes

course available


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"Anisha was very friendly and extremely talented. The wax barely registered and the only time I did feel it was once, and on the pain scale it was a 1/10! Superb work - I've still seen no hair growth at all. Would highly recommend and I will be using her services again!"

"Been there for the 30 min Deep Tissue Massage and asked for have it done on legs after an half marathon. Great experience and felt super pampered and relaxed when I left. Definitely recommended."

"My booking was with Sharon. She was warm, welcoming and friendly. She took time to talk through what I wanted and was happy to answer all of my questions. She was happy to help when I accidentally damaged some of my toe polish. Sharon was professional throughout and I would happily recommend her."

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